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Weekend Wonderlands

Wednesday, January 15th, 2014

If you are stuck for something to do out and about in Sussex this weekend why not give these two beautiful Sussex venues a try – Both Brighton Pavilion and Pallant House Gallery in Chichester are offering free entry to the public on January 19th.

The Brighton Pavilion event is part of the People’s Palace Open Days up and down the country and more info can be found here.


New Year, New Weather

Wednesday, January 8th, 2014

The start of 2014 has seen some of the most violent storms for decades rocking the coastal towns of England.

Our friends in Shoreham By Sea experienced flooding up slip ways and the airport became a harbour briefly as the flood plain did its job and bore the brunt of the tidal surge as it headed inland and overcame the defences around the River Adur. Luckily most private and residential properties seem to have been spared and after the first unexpectedly severe combination of storm and tide, most people were ready with sandbags and other fortifications – just in case. Luckily, thanks to speedy interventions by the Environment Agency the second and third storms did not result in any further flooding to people’s homes.

The Argus: The floods hit Newhaven - pic by David Garland

Lucy Gabriel stands defiant outside her property on Brighton Road

The Industrial Estate fared slightly better but did not survive unscathed. Fortunately no trees came down and none of the occupied units experienced any flooding. Due to some recent building work, some drains needed re-directing and clearing which helped safeguard the units at the front of the estate.

In keeping with the experiences of many, the wind was more of a concern than the water – one of the unoccupied units at the back of the estate experienced such sudden gusts of wind that the roller shutter door became damaged and had to be repaired. A massive thank you goes out to Prestige Doors who were incredibly speedy to respond and had the door fixed before any further damage could be done – despite horrendous conditions and the small matter of Christmas!

A special thank you must also go to the team here at the estate who were out on Christmas Eve and over the New Year with their wellies and sou’westers doing their best to make sure everything was battened down and surviving the storms.

Roll on Summer so we can get back to the safety and familiarity of cloudy drizzle!

The Argus: The floods hit Newhaven - pic by David Garland

Shoreham Airport submerged after the River Adur burst its banks



Pictures from The Argus – Dave Garland