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Spring on the Industrial Estate

Monday, March 24th, 2014

Spring is trying its best to launch on the Industrial Estate.

Bulbs are pushing through, buds are growing and everything is a degree more lush and green than it was a few weeks ago.

We have recently engaged the services of a tree surgeon for some of the more unruly trees around the estate. He has been very busy in recent weeks thanks to the horrendous weather of December and January, but he will be with us twice a week until the job is done now. This should further improve the light and  look of our surroundings.

If you have any comments or feedback on how we can make sure our estate continues to be a lovely environment to work in, please do send us your suggestions – or call on 01273 495450



Industrial Estate Security

Monday, March 24th, 2014

If you google the “Industrial Estate News”, the first few web pages that come back all relate to crime…drugs hauls, thefts, travellers being moved on…the list is long and daunting.

Most Industrial Estates do their own version of Neighbourhood Watch which involves tenants keeping an eye out for each other and possibly having a hot-line link to the local police station.

Here at Mackley’s we pride ourselves on going that necessary step further.

Our number plate recognition cctv system means that any suspicious activities can immediately be called in to the police and checked against their database of known problem vehicles. It has enabled us to pre-empt problems and is certainly a deterrent for any unwelcome visitors that might need to conduct a few visits in order to establish how best to target our tenants.  After the first trip they usually realise there is no point in coming back unless they want a follow up visit from our friendly local police.

In the very rare event that a crime is perpetrated, the cctv system has meant that we already have access to more information than the police are usually given. This info enables prosecutions to be won and enhances our reputation as an estate that is not worth targeting.

If you have any queries about our security or would like to see the system in action, just come and say hello at Office 7a or call us on 01273 495450