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The Eclipse, the Spring and No Vacancies

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Today was the Spring Equinox in England and also the day it was possible to see a total lunar eclipse (but only if you live in Svalbard or the Faroe Isles).

To be fair, neither of these incredible astrological events had much impact on Small Dole. There was an absence of sunlight, not only due to the eclipse but also due to the heavy cloud we are experiencing. It wasn’t so much that we were plunged in to darkness, more that someone had bled all of the colour from the view. The temperature also dropped slightly, but not enough to stop Spring, or to stop Norman from cracking on with the planting.

As well as enjoying the chance to see the very mechanics of the universe in action we are also currently enjoying a period of full occupancy on the estate. Not quite as unusual as an equinox or an eclipse but noteworthy all the same!

Happy Spring to all of our tenants, new and established, and we look forward to next few lovely weeks when the moorhen chicks hatch, the pond springs in to life and the fruits of Norman’s hard labour burst forth.


Eclipse pictures 2015