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Brighton i-360

Monday, May 18th, 2015

The Brighton i360 is slowly taking shape and now you can watch the progress on a minute-by-minute web cam situated on the roof of the Brighton Metropole. This Summer the steel will arrive by boat on Brighton beach and tower will be go up. The attraction itself is due to open in summer 2016.

The Argus is exclusively hosting the Brighton i360 webcam, and has placed a link on their website here

At 162 metres high, and with an observation pod gliding slowly up to 138 metres, the i360 will be the world’s tallest moving observation tower and the tallest observation tower outside London.

Sited at the root end of the historic West Pier on Brighton’s seafront, the i360 has a slender, elegant design, with a futuristic pod allowing 200 visitors at a time to enjoy 360 breath taking views for 26 miles of Brighton, the South Downs and the South Coast from Chichester to Bexhill-on-Sea.

The visitor centre incorporates a 400 seat restaurant; tea rooms, a shop; exhibition space; children’s play zone and conference and event facilities.

Environmental Management Systems

Wednesday, May 6th, 2015

The Industrial Estate has recently renewed the environmental insurance policy that protects the estate in the event of a pollution accident. With fines of up to £50,000 and a potential jail term associated with willful damage to the water course or contamination of land, it has become a focus of ours to ensure the estate is “clean” from the top down. Not only does this help to protect us and our tenants from any unfortunate accidents but it also ensures the estate remains a beautiful place to work that enhances the local environment (and enjoys good relations with it’s neighbours!)

Unfortunately, most pollution doesn’t happen in a dramatic and obvious way but over a long period of time due to small leaks, or poor environmental management policies. As with most areas of life, prevention is much more straight froward than cure. The costs associated with sorting a problem, even if it has been caused through benign neglect (the odd inappropriate disposal of paint or chemicals, the odd fuel leak that gets carried to a drain) can be enormous and in all cases, would end up back with the organisation or person that caused the initial contamination. Our insurance enables us to respond quickly and provides a small safety net but ultimately the costs of any clear up reside with the perpetrator of the pollution.

There is an Environmental Spill Procedure in place at Office 7a and the required kit to help contain any chemical or fuel spillages are housed at various points on the estate. If you suspect a spill or leak then please call the office on 01273 495450 so we can get involved in dealing with it before it becomes a serious issue.