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Have you seen this man…?

Friday, June 19th, 2015

In the early hours of Thursday morning this unsavoury person decided to walk on to our estate and steal a new lamp post out of the ground.

a10846001002-2-17-06-15-05742-619 - outside bh

Not only did he arrive on the estate in full view of the cameras, he carried the lamp-post away like he was just out for a late night stroll – apparently without a single care as to whether anyone was passing.

He then either walked/drove home with it, or had an accomplice waiting for him outside our gates. He would have needed a van or flat bed as the post is 3m in length and not straight forward to dismantle.

We believe him to be a local man who has knowledge of the estate as the lamppost had only been up a day before it was removed. We also think he may have stolen it to keep for himself as selling it locally would be dangerous given how many people are now aware of this crime.

If you have knowledge of our likely thief please share your information with us or the local Sussex Police. The crime reference number is 47150076445. They are taking particular interest in this because it was so targeted and because we already know so much about the culprit.

It brings new meaning to the phrase “If its not bolted down someone will nick it….” except in this case, it was! Please help us find him so the honest businesses on our estate, and the local homeowners, can continue to go about their lives without fear that the brick work and fencing around them might not be there when they wake up in the morning.

a10846001002-2-18-06-15-10110-634 - leaving with lampost



Running The Shop at Truffles

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015

One of our most long standing tenants will tonight be appearing on a Channel 4 show entitled “Running The Shop”.
Presented by former Dragons Den star Hilary Davey the show revolves around letting the workers run things with a complete hands-off from the usual management team.

Filmed mainly on location at the Henfield shop and the bakery here on the estate in Small Dole, Truffles has 13 stores across the south, all of whom participated in some way.
The staff involved undertook everything from every day tasks to a complete re-vamp of one shop without any intervention from “higher management”.

By the sounds of it, it was a very interesting experience for all involved but if you would like to see for yourself, the programme is being aired tonight – Tuesday 16th June at 8pm on Channel 4.
Get some buns in and make yourselves comfy!