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Why Choose An Industrial Estate To Site Your Business…

Monday, July 31st, 2017

There are many advantages to running your business from a rural Industrial Estate. Here are some of the key  factors that have attracted new businesses to join us in Small Dole:

  1. Infrastructure – An industrial estate is often already well equipped with fast broadband, excellent security, accessible services and easy transport. An established estate will have made sure these provisions are in place for their existing tenants and will always be looking for opportunities to ensure the offering for new tenants is competitive and meets their needs.
  2. Transport Gains – Most industrial estates have had to consider very carefully where they are placed geographically, with easy access to main roads and ideally being short distances from airports, ports and major motor ways. If you are lucky enough to find an empty unit on an estate in a good location, it should be straightforward to tap in to whatever traffic network you need to run your business effectively. A well designed rural estate will also mean that you do not have to tolerate delays getting on and off site, as you would on town centre units or on ring road estates.
  3. Economies of Scale – Generally speaking, there will be savings in maintenance and repairs and in service provision due the volume of businesses all needing the same types of support. On-site mobile car valeting, local catering vans, local IT support and mobile windscreen repair / tyre replacement all offer our tenants good deals as a result of being able to deal with a number of businesses on each visit.
  4. Support Functions РGiven the variety of businesses on most industrial estates, it can be very beneficial to make arrangements with other tenants who effectively become useful suppliers and customers. We have everything from clothes manufacturers, precision parts manufacturers, kitchen designers, toy suppliers and alloy wheel refurbishment that cooperate with each other where there are mutual needs. This also works when some tenants occasionally need to borrow car parking space, sub-let storage or just need some help that would be hard to find off-site.
  5. Local Support – On an established estate like Mackleys, there are usually good relations with local parishioners and councillors as a result of working together on mutually beneficial planning issues. Locally, the jobs that having an industrial estate can provide also enhances the relationship. This also gives a good pool of local talent to recruit from and makes for stronger joint-opposition to issues where it becomes useful.
  6. Security – Being a long term tenant on an industrial estate is akin to living in a tight community for your whole life. Tenants look out for each other and often there will usually be one or two businesses running 24 hours which means there is a constant presence. This is a deterrent to opportunists and provides many more eyes and ears on the rare occasion something does go wrong. Mackley Industrial Estate also has CCTV and Automatic Number Plate Recognition so on top of eye witnesses and an observant population we have definite re-course to deal with anti social behaviour and theft. This is the minimum a well-run estate should be able to offer it’s tenants.
  7. The setting – Not many people get to look out over a national park, enjoy an on-site wild pond and are bordered on three sides by ancient woodland. The peace, the wildlife and the fresh air that comes with being situated on an out-of-town business premises can really enhance your working life. It also lends itself to a lovely commute of you are lucky enough to live locally enough to walk or cycle to work.


We already know there are many advantages to being part of a rural industrial estate and at Mackleys in particular, we enjoy the benefits of a rigorous transport infrastructure set in a beautiful location.

Come and see for yourself what a rural estate can offer you, your employees and your growing business!