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Charitable Giving to the Scouts

This year, Hopegar chose the scouts as its preferred charity. Having enjoyed longstanding relationships with local scouting groups, the family was keen to support endeavours that had an affiliation to Hopegar or the estate.

Local scouts groups use the field next door to the estate for their camping and woodland work, and currently every company officer either has children that attend scouts or has been a scout themselves.

Its a great organisation that harnesses the power of committed volunteers to help children learn teamwork, responsibility and a multitude of useful skills from sailing and kayaking to map reading, cooking and on a recent memorable evening, the fine art of chopping kindling in to chopsticks without causing injury. It encourages diversity and inclusion and in a world where children are all too ready to spend screen-time indoors, it allows freedom to explore, learn and enjoy the outside world.

To that end we have been happy to donate to three main groups this year – Third Shoreham Sea Scouts for their ambitious accessible lift project, First Beeding and Bramber Scouts for their educational trip to France this Summer, and finally Moretonhapstead Scouts for their recent fossil hunting trip.

If you wanted to find out more about modern scouting or get in touch with your local group, the details can be found here.

James Mackley presenting a donation for the accessible lift project to award
winning scout leader Colin Strong of the Third Shoreham Sea Scouts


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