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Mackley Industrial Estate Video

We are currently undertaking a project to capture the industrial estate in all its glory in the form of a promotional video.

Realism Productions are helping us to produce this work and so far it has involved praying for sunshine and asking our tenants for testimonials. In short, very little effort on our part for a great deal of reward! It has been lovely receiving kind words from our long term tenants about why they like it here on the estate and what keeps them here in preference to other business parks.

It has also been great to see the site through the eyes of a visitor. We have some plans for renovations that have now moved from the wish list to being firm, and its given us an excuse to have a good spruce up and appreciate better what we have to offer.

All will be revealed when the video is used as part of our ongoing promotional work on social media platforms and You Tube, but suffice is to say, it has been a useful exercise for many more reasons than we originally predicted.

If you are considering how to better broadcast your business to the waiting public then for the same price as a few weeks on certain listing sites you can have a very professional piece of marketing material that can be used repeatedly in very many different ways to improve your visibility and give potential customers a genuine feel for what you have to offer them.

If you would like to learn more about Realism Productions and their extremely reasonable video packages then check out their website here….

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