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25 miles from Gatwick, 13 miles from Brighton, 5 miles from Shoreham Port

Perfect Visions Ltd

We have been receiving a number of calls and letters from concerned members of the public checking whether the above named company operates from our Industrial Estate.

We can categorically confirm that they have been fraudulently using our address on their website and we have NO knowledge of them at all. Also, they do not appear on the register of Ltd companies at Companies House.

They are not a tenant of ours, they do not have (and have never had) a unit here and we cannot vouch for them.

We have duly reported them to Companies House for being in breach of the Companies Act and to Action-Fraud and Trading Standards for fraudulently using our address.

Whilst we cannot comment on the legitimacy of their operation, we would offer a few words of caution to any consumer:

1) Never pay for a retail transaction by bank transfer

2) Always check you can contact the business directly if you want to buy from them – especially if they are not a name you recognise

3) If in doubt, walk away.





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