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The Small Dole Horticultural Society Summer Show

Title: The Small Dole Horticultural Society Summer Show
Location: Mackley Sports Field
Description: The Small Dole Horticultural Society are holding their Summer Show on the 14th August starting at 1.30pm.

The society was formed in the 1930’s to promote and support horticulture in the village of Small Dole. At that time, the majority of the villagers relied heavily on the food they produced to supplement their wages as the majority were farm workers or worked for low wages in other local industries, including clay digging or chalk quarrying.

The first Flower Show was designed to show the produce from local gardens and to show flowers which were grown as a hobby alongside the vegetables. The show was held under canvas and was the highlight of the village year.

It is now known as the Summer Show as it includes photography, art, handicrafts, cookery and a fun dog show.

This is the 66th Summer Show and is to be held on the Mackley Sports field. This is one of the last horticultural shows still to be held in the traditional way in marquees, most other societies now hold their shows in village halls which sadly lack the atmosphere.

With a number of fund-raising events each year, we are able to support the show which, at best breaks even but wet weather can lead to losses well over £500 or more! One of the important ways of raising funds is by inviting sponsorship of competition classes. For £10 anyone can sponsor a class. Half of this money goes into the society funds and the rest is returned in extra prize money. The scheme is growing in popularity and our thanks go to all who support us in this way.

The main aim of the society is to ensure the continuation of the show which raises hundreds of pounds each year for the local charities who attend the event. It is also the one opportunity for the villagers to get together.

If you would like to assist in any way or require further information, please contact:-

The Treasurer, David Barrett on

Start Time: 13:30
Date: 2010-08-14

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